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The Flying Dutchman



The Flying Dutchman is the oldest Disco in Luxembourg still keeping the original alternative spirit for over 40 years. We are working on providing you with outstanding cultural experiences as well as the traditional DJ programme.

The place which is now known as the Flying Dutchman,  had already a dance floor before 1976, with some balls organised in the afternoons. In 1971, Carlo Schneider and Nic Herber organised the first Disco at this location.

It was Carolina J Oudkerk Pool, a 48-years old Dutch Mother of five children, together with her oldest son Marcel, who gave birth to the mythical FLYING DUTCHMAN on 2nd February 1976. She used to call Marcel “the Flying Dutchman”, as he was always on the run and never at home - and decided to register the new business on this name. After a renovation and complete change of the location, they did what seemed impossible at the time and opened the discotheque in the middle of nowhere.

Concerts were organised and artists like Buffalo C. Wayne, Hugo van Haastert, Nena, to only name a few, performed live at the Flying Dutchman. Younger tourist kids needed to be back at the Camping around 11pm, making space on the floor for the real Rock'n'Rollers. So the Legend began.

LED ZEPPELIN,  THE DOORS,   PINK FLOYD,every sound that is now known as 'real Flying Music' was played by DJ Marcel, himself. Closing time was 1 a.m., and the same song was played every night to finalise another 'Fly Day'.

In the 80s and 90s the Disco became an institution of the nightlife of Luxembourg and beyond the borders. During this time The Flying Dutchman was voted twice into the TOP TEN of best Clubs worldwide in german Music Magazine SPEX. But all of this is the achievement of one person, Marcel Mich. He owned the club over three decades and managed to preserve and develop its unique identity.

Live Concerts have always been part of the spirit and many bands have played there already. The Flying Dutchman is not only a discotheque, but a part of the collective cultural heritage to all the people in the area. We want to keep the alternative progressive spirit of the place alive and ignore the boundaries of the possibilities, contributing to a more open, creative and tolerant society.  




DJ FERNANDO has been resident DJ of the legendary Little Woodstock for years. He has a lot of respect of the past and exploring new areas of musical styles. From Dark to Doors, from Led Zeppelin to Gothic with some stylish electro bridges in between. He knows it all in a very unique sensual combination. Sensitive and passionate person, he is always in connection with his inner self, and so should we be.. 


We are pleased to welcome DJ FERNANDO as a resident DJ on every FIRST and THIRD Saturday of the month.

DJ POWERPLAY is the absolute contrast of DJ FERNANDO, he is extroverted and willing to let the people on the dance floor be the main deciders of the programme. As a new resident DJ, he is preparing himself to deliver real Flying Music and believes that Music is an essential part of life that can change the world. And so do we!

DJ POWERPLAY will play every SECOND and FOURTH Saturday of the Month.

It is time to give some space to the new generation of the Flying, who is embodied by DJ UPDATE Aka Kevin. Only 21 years old, he has already that amazing feeling for combination of Rock, Metal, Electronic, Reggae and real Flying Oldies. Everything in an almost perfect combination - very rare skills.

Come and enjoy new rhythms every SECOND and FOURTH Friday of the Month


aka JOHN




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